Free frozen yogurt business plan

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How to Freeze Natural Yogurt

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Let's be friends; Sweet tweets; Watch our videos; Own a Store; Contact Us; Privacy Policy; myTCBY Card; Sign Up For Email; Accessibility. A frozen yogurt startup founded by a group of Purdue University students will this fall open its first self-serve kiosk on the West Lafayette campus.

FroYo XPress, which features all-natural. The frozen yogurt market has increased drastically in recent years and has grown into a twenty-four billion dollar industry. Opening your own frozen yogurt business is a great way to create an income that many are saying is “recession proof”.

“To do so, we are providing percent all-natural and dairy-free frozen yogurt products and giving consumers frozen yogurt in locations with high-foot traffic.” To solve this problem, the team devised an automated, self-serve dispenser business plan, later choosing frozen yogurt as their product.

Once you have a general plan for your business, you must decide if the area you want to open a store in actually needs a frozen yogurt store. You may want to open a store close to where you live but if there are already three frozen yogurt shops in a five mile radius, you may want to consider another part of town.

Free frozen yogurt business plan
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