Kalpana saroj business plan

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Kalpana Saroj

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Kalpana started working for a garment factory but she wanted more. Using loans given by the Indian government to the untouchables, she was able to start a successful tailoring business. This is when Kalpana first got inclined towards entrepreneurship. Her advent in.

Kalpana Saroj, a Dalit girl who started out as a helper in a garment factory, today lives in a 5, sq ft house in Kalyan.

How dalit entrepreneur Kalpana Saroj revived Kamani Tubes Ltd

But if you thought she is breathing easy at 60, you are wrong. She is now going to invest in a hotel business in Rajasthan. It took nearly a decade for Kalpana Saroj to get the charge of the company legally. She, to boost the employees’ morale, paid Rs 85 crores as salaries in one go which had been pending for last 17 years.

Kalpana Saroj of Kalpana Saroj & Associates (KSA) has indeed traversed quite a distance from Murtizapura, a hamlet in the interiors of Maharashtra. Her critics view this as an opportunistic trait, but it's also true that business easily cultivates friends and patrons in high places.

How dalit entrepreneur Kalpana Saroj revived Kamani. Kalpana Saroj of Kalpana Saroj & Associates (KSA) has indeed traversed quite a distance from Murtizapura, a hamlet in the interiors of Maharashtra.

Today, she presides over varied businesses. The single factory Sai Krupa Sakhar Karkhana in Ahmednagar, in which she holds a substantial stake, is graduating to an integrated sugar complex. Kalpana Saroj was born in a poor family of untouchables as they were called in India.

The family lived in a small village of Maharashtra where no body had heard about electricity at that time. Villagers used cow-dung cakes as fuel to cook their foods.

Kalpana saroj business plan
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