Optus cable business plans

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Broadband & NBN™ Plans

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Broadband & NBN plans

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Office Broadband

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Prepaid Plans. Optus Prepaid gives you the freedom of a no lock-in contract and the flexibility to change your recharge amount with every recharge.

Oct 24,  · Local time PM aedt 15 November Membershipregistered members 12, visited in past 24 hrs members online now 1, guests visiting now. Optus Broadband offers a range of cable, ADSL, NBN and wireless internet plans that can also be bundled together with their PayTV offering, Fetch TV.

In addition to the Fetch Mini set-top box, you may also receive an Optus Sport subscription, depending on the plan, which will allow you to watch the Premier League (EPL) and the UEFA Champions League Final. Optus High Speed Cable broadband.

Compare High Speed Cable plans from Optus & save. Do you need some help? Telstra Business plans Optus Business plans Internode plans Belong plans FOXTEL plans Didn't find what you were looking for?

All broadband plans Optus bundles. Optus has two main NBN plans: Optus Ultra and Optus Ultra Entertainment plan. Both plans include unlimited data, and Standard Plus Evening Speed (configured on NBN 50). Optus’ Ultra Entertainment "Made for Entertainment" plan is much more robust; it's configured on NBN 50 (40Mbps typical evening speed) and if you want faster speeds you can upgrade to NBN (80Mbps typical evening speed) Twitter: @optus.

After insisting that Optus’s old hybrid fibre-coax infrastructure could be used for the NBN, the government-owned company announced yesterday that the network would be dumped from its plans.

Optus cable business plans
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