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Abstract The following telestroke guidelines were developed to assist practitioners in providing assessment, diagnosis, management, and/or remote consultative support to patients exhibiting symptoms and signs consistent with an acute stroke syndrome, using telemedicine communication technologies.

Step #2: Building a Long Term Financial Plan Even when financial considerations are not the prime objective of your program, they remain critical.

Programs that start with a solid financial justification and meet the measurements of the plan more easily capture future funding and support. About TeleStroke Through telemedicine, stroke specialists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital can examine patients at your hospital to help diagnose the patient's ailment and recommend a plan of care.

Telestroke Business Case Template (BC) Online Document Telestroke Education Plan Online Document Hyperacute and telehealth sample professional education plan NEW Online document Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations TELESTROKE.

--Stroke. Telestroke network business model strategies. Fanale CV(1), Demaerschalk BM. Author information: (1)Swedish Medical Center and Colorado Neurological Institute Stroke Program and the Collaborative Digital Online Consultant Telemedicine Program, Englewood, Colorado, USA.

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