Woolworths media plan

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Woolworths hit with technical outage, checkouts unable to process sales for an hour

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Woolworths' plan to move into petrol sales has been hailed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as 'pro-competitive'. "The move would see greater choice for consumers about where they buy their fuel and should lead to lower prices," ACCC.

Media Science & Environment Zweli Mkhize to table plan for defaulting municipalities Woolworths drops David Jones brand in SA.

ABOUT US & NEWS. The Woolworths Media Hub works closely with our Merchandising and Marketing teams to provide the best media opportunities to our Trade Partners within Woolworths Supermarkets. Woolworths Media Plan.

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The company’s strategy of linking service stations to their retail outlets paid off by delivering an 8% increase in petrol sales.

The 38 Woolworths-owned Masters stores also contributed to the good news, with a sales increase of % for the half year. Social Media Disclosure.

Woolworths media plan
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